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The computers in the Newell School District are intended for educational purposes only. Internet, email, and computers are educational tools, such as textbooks and lab materials. Students, faculty and staff operate these computers for the mutual benefit of all concerned and all users are expected to assist in the successful operation of the facilities. The use of school computers is a privilege, not a right. In general, this requires efficient, ethical and legal utilization of the network resources. The following guidelines are intended to help users understand appropriate use. The school may restrict or terminate any userís access without prior notice if such action is deemed necessary to maintain computing availability and security for other users of the system. Other disciplinary action may also be imposed as stated below.


Internet access is available to students and staff in the Newell School District. Our goal in providing this service to teachers and students is to promote educational excellence in the Newell School District by facilitating, resource sharing, innovation, collaboration, and communication. The Newell School District network is an electronic network, which enables access to the Internet. Students and teachers will have access to electronic mail, information and news, opportunity to correspond with experts in many fields, public domain and shareware software of various types, discussion groups on a variety of topics and access to many educational resources including University Library Catalogs, the Library of Congress and Educational Resources Information Center.

With access to computers and people all over the world, also comes the availability of materials that may not be considered of educational value in the context of the school setting. On a global network, it is impossible to control all materials and an industrious user may discover controversial information. We firmly believe that the educational value of information and the interaction available on the world-wide network outweighs the risks that users may procure materials that are not consistent with the educational goals of the school district. One of our goals is to support students in responsible use of this vast reservoir of information.


The use of your account must be in support of education and research and consistent with the educational objectives of the Newell School District. The computers in the computer labs, classrooms and libraries are intended for educational purposes. The purpose of the computer network is to support education within the school district by providing access to unique resources and the opportunity for collaborative work.


The use of the network is a privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use will result in a cancellation of these privileges. The system administrator has the right to monitor, inspect and close an account at any time as required. The administration, faculty and staff of the Newell School District may request the system administrator to deny, revoke, or suspend specific user accounts.


You must be clearly aware of which computing practices are considered acceptable and which are considered unacceptable.

School related files are the only files to be saved on your account. Storing commercial software, utility programs, games or hidden files to your account or a computer is not permitted.

Transmission of any material in violation of any US or state regulation is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: copyrighted material, threatening or obscene material, or material protected by trade secrets.

Using the system association with inappropriate textual material or graphic images is prohibited.

Saving to the hard disk drive is granted only by permission of the instructor.

You may use computing facilities and services only for authorized purposes.

You may not attempt to copy, disclose, transfer, examine, rename, change, add or delete information or programs belong to another user.

You may not attempt to subvert the restrictions associated with your own or any other computing accounts.

You are not to change the desktop icons or appearance in any way without the instructorís permission.


You are expected to abide by the generally accepted rules of network etiquette. These include (but are not limited to) the following:

Be polite. Do not use abusive, vulgar, or inappropriate language in your messages to others.

Messages relating to or in support of illegal activities may be reported to the authorities.

Electronic mail is not guaranteed to be private. Be careful what you say about others.

Leave equipment and room in good condition for the next user/class.

Do not use the network in any way that you disrupt the use of the network by others.


Security on any computer system is a high priority, especially when the system involves many users. If you feel you can identify a system problem, you must notify the system administrator. Do not demonstrate the problem to other users. Do not use another userís account. Do not give your password to any other individual. Attempts to log on the network as a system administrator will result in loss or cancellation of user privileges. Only first names will be used to identify students in photographs on web pages or when using electronic mail.



Vandalism will result in immediate cancellation of privileges and may result in disciplinary action. Vandalism is defined as any malicious attempt to harm or destroy data of any other user and abuse or misuse of hardware. This includes, but is not limited to, the uploading or creation of computer viruses. Users should report any suspected violations to a teacher, administrator, or system administrator. The cost of damages will be billed to the user.


Disciplinary action may be taken in the event that the provisions of this guideline are violated. The instructor in charge will relay any violations to their administrator. The administrator will determine any actions to be taken against persons violating the provisions of this guideline. If a user violates any of these provisions, his or her account may be terminated and future access could be denied.


Please remember that the use of computer technology is a privilege, not a right, and a violation of any of the following items will result in suspension or cancellation of your privileges. First offense: student will lose Internet and/or computer privileges for one week. Second offense: student will lose Internet and/or computer privileges for one month. Third offense: student will lose Internet and/or computer privileges for the rest of the school year. If it happens within one month of the end of the school year, the student will be on probation for the first semester of the next school year. If a violation occurs in that first semester, they will lose Internet and/or computer privileges for the rest of that school year.

Use of student accounts should be in support of education and research, consistent with the educational objectives of the Newell School District.

School email for students in grades 5-12 will be available from the state. No free commercial email accounts may be used.

It is the studentsí responsibility to let the teacher know IMMEDIATELY if they accidentally get on any inappropriate material on the internet or of any malfunctioning equipment.

All users shall exit the Internet browser when not actively using the Internet.

You may not offer Internet access to any individual via your Newell School District account.

All users should log off their workstation.

Food, drink and gum should be kept away from the area.

Work area should be kept neat and clean.

Teachers or the system administrator should be notified by students of any violations of this contract by other Newell School District students or outside parties. This may be done anonymously.

You may not misuse or damage hardware or software.

You may not give your password to anyone.

You may not use or alter anyone elseís account, including their password.

You may not break in or attempt to break into other computer systems.

You may not create or share computer viruses.

You may not destroy another personís data.

You are not permitted to get from or get onto the network any threatening or obscene material.

No illegal activities may be conducted via the network.

Be polite. Use appropriate language. Do not swear, use vulgarities or any other inappropriate language or write abusive messages.

Do not reveal your personal address or phone number or those of other students or staff.

Note that electronic mail is not guaranteed to be private. People who administrate the system do have access to all mail. Messages relating to or in support of illegal activities may be reported to the authorities.

You may only use first names with photographs or in electronic mail.

If students have any questions about the legitimacy of their activities they should ask a teacher, system administrator or school administrator.

You may not use Internet radio, instant messaging or chat rooms.